Week 2: CRAP! Design Principles

1. Ocean’s Twelve (2004) – FILM POSTER


In this image, there is a CONTRAST between the white background and the subjects in black, as well as the red number. It’s useful because it allows for the two important parts of the movie poster, the characters and the name of the film, to stand out. There is also contrast between the text; the cast list and the tagline are set horizontally while the ’12’ (and the characters) are diagonal. This draws the eye to the latter two because they are unconventionally set up.

REPETITION is present in this graphic as well as the characters’ silhouettes are repeated all over the poster. The repetition is used well as they aren’t carbon copies of each other; each character is in a different position and this ensures that viewers don’t lose interest.

The ALIGNMENT of the text is set up so that the stars’ names are evenly spaced at the top while the tagline and release date are on the bottom right corner. It’s effective as people read from left to right and the last thing they would read, after viewing the image, would be the informative text.



The eye is drawn towards all of the red in this image and that is because of the CONTRAST it has against the neutral colour of the hardwood floor background. The colour pops and therefore, the image pops. Looking even closer, the white contrasts against the red on the image of the dining table, which makes the letter ‘o’ it forms even more prominent.

This image has good use of PROXIMITY. The individual objects are set close enough to each other that they can form the word ‘JOY’. It is effective as it successfully communicates the word that’s being spelled out. If the individual images were set apart too far, then it would be difficult to view them as a single word and rather they’ll be viewed as individual letters, or even just the objects that they are.

Week 2: CRAP! Design Principles

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