Week 3: What’s Your Type?


In high school, I focused primarily on the manipulation of multiple images and as a result, I didn’t work with typography often. When I did, often to create an advertisement graphic, I used typography against a solid background. I soon realized that incorporating text onto a graphic was even more difficult since there was a graphic background that took away the focus from the text. It’s important for the text to be visible, as the purpose of it is for people to admire the typography and what it stands for. Now that I’ve learned about the different types of typography and the different aspects of it, I can better use that knowledge to my advantage and create more effective visuals for my own work. At the same time, it has become more apparent to be in public whether they be movie posters or signs, and now I question to effectiveness of the typography on these mediums – as a result, I’m learning how to apply these techniques to make my own typography effective.

1. Princess Diaries 2 (2004)


The typography for this movie poster is effective. It is made apparent that the film is about royalty, just by looking at the typography. The font is Sans Serif, which gives it a traditional and elegant appearance that is appealing to look at. Usually the font is associated with princess stories, and because the target audience is young girls, it can effectively capture their attention.

2. Zombieland (2009)


Another movie poster with effective typography is the one for Zombieland. A play on amusement parks, the Serif font represents those that are used for the signs of ride names at theme parks. It even goes as far as to make it appear three-dimensional by adding a shadow, dimensions, and an arc. To remain uniform, the names of the cast is aligned similarly, only that it’s flatter in order to avoid superseding the title of the film. Against the neutral background, the title stands out, no pun intended, with the bright red colouring. In the same way signs at amusement parks are lit up to grab customers’ attention, in this case, it is to grab the viewer’s attention.

3. Surrey Police Dept.


In this poster, the typography is not effective. First of all, Comic Sans is a font that is considered to be “unprofessional”. As it is a poster from the police department on sexual assault and rape, two very important topics to be made aware of, Comic Sans is not an appropriate font to convey the message. It makes the topics appear as a lesser issue than it actually is and as a result, people may believe that to be true. If the police department wanted to capture the importance of the topic, they could use a basic Serif font such as Arial or Impact.

Week 3: What’s Your Type?

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