Week 6: Motion Graphics

While there are many great opening sequences that use images to introduce their cast, I find that films are more likely to have an end-credit sequence that uses motion graphics. One of my favorite end credits from a film is from Smokin’ Aces (2004)The rotoscope effect gives the entire sequence a grainy, sketchy, and vintage appearance which is exactly how I would describe the film. While the entire sequence was made only with stills, the editor merged multiples from the same set to make it appear as the image is moving. There were flickering splotches, and the point of view was shaky, which both added to the illusion of movement. It’s an effective piece as it depicts each of the characters of the film ( and there are quite a few ) in a short span of a second or two each, while also capturing their personalities through the limited movement that they can give through animating different stills. It is also effective in an aesthetic way where it looks as rough as the action in the film.

For my motions graphic project, I plan on creating an opening/closing credits sequence for a film or television series. One of my current ideas is to use objects against a solid background to create a simple sequence. Another idea I had, based on Saul Bass and my favorite motion graphic sequences, and that is to use a rotoscope effect. The film Seven Psychopaths  is a top contender because there are so many symbols in the film that I can turn into static images for this motion graphic that it wouldn’t require any difficult animations, while still being detailed enough for viewers to catch a glimpse at what the film is about. I plan on doing this on Photoshop where I’d edit the images with a rotoscope effect, and then in After Effects to animate.

Week 6: Motion Graphics

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