Week 7: Blogger’s Choice [YOUTUBE or VIMEO]

In light of our most recent CREATIVE PROCESS lecture with guest speaker Corey Vidal, a notable Canadian Youtube personality that profits off of his work on the site, I have decided to dedicate this blog post to the two most popular sites video makers use to share their digital media: YOUTUBE and VIMEO. What I’ve noticed in all of my lectures is that the example videos are usually streamed from Vimeo if they are an independent film, and Youtube if they are from an existing, mainstream film source.

So I did a little research to find out why.


In a nutshell, Youtube is the place to be if views and money matter to you. There is a larger audience, but as a result, it is far more difficult to get noticed amongst the sea of vloggers, make up tutorials, and musicians ranging from amateurs to Maroon 5. If it so happens that there is a large fanbase for your digital content, this may benefit you in a way where you can have a revenue sharing agreement with Youtube and get paid by showcasing advertisements on your videos. If you have multiple videos, which is a benefit of Youtube as well as having lengthy videos, this can be a great way to monetize your craft. A problem with this is that people can become discouraged or frustrated by the number of advertisements they have to go through to watch your work. This also ties in audience participation which comes in the form of comments. Again, Youtube is the most popular viewing site so the comment section is often spammed with spammers, trolls, haters, and appreciators all the like.

  • The 16 second advertisement means somebody is getting paid.
  • Drake is a famous artist.
  • Thirteen million views.
  • The comments are filled with spam and haters with a few handful of positive responses.


Vimeo’s the place to be if you care about the quality over quantity (people who see your video and the pay). The Vimeo community is small, but tight knit, and while that may mean less views, the views you do get are from people that care about the arts community. They are more likely to provide kind comments and even creative feedback because like you, they are producers of independent digital media. Instead of making money based on views, Vimeo has a tip jar for viewers to donate to the cause. The quality of the videos are similar to present day Youtube, but while Youtube has the option to go from 360p – 1080p, Vimeo has always had the idea of HD content on the site. The only catch with Vimeo is that in order to attain better quality, one must pay for a business account/Vimeo Pro. This subscription allows for higher resolution and for people to use commercial products to promote in their videos as well, but limits video uploading to 500 gb/year and 5gb/video.

  • AMP is a short film Written and Directed by Adam Marisett; starring Matthew MacCaul and Elysia Rotaru.
  • Small budget, but great effects, a captivating story, and high quality upload.
  • 130,000 views, but majority positive feedback with some helpful creative criticism in the comments.

In a sense, Youtube is like a business or an industry while Vimeo is like a independent organization. What works for you and your digital media content all depends on your intention. If you want to make multiple videos, make money, and aren’t swayed by the negativity of the Youtube community, that is where you want to be. If you want to make a select number of quality short films for a community of short film lovers, Vimeo is your home. In the end, it’s simply a preference – not a debate.




Week 7: Blogger’s Choice [YOUTUBE or VIMEO]

One thought on “Week 7: Blogger’s Choice [YOUTUBE or VIMEO]

  1. Shiniqua says:

    Well done Jennifer, I enjoy reading your blog every week. Your entry this week has changed my life. I went to donate blood, decided to become an organ donor, and joined the local community club against animal cruelty. Also, I completely agree that youtube is unfair. I shall add my own troll comment and a dislike onto Drake’s video then never use the site again. All hail vimeo. I will support the quality short films. Never be forced to watch an ad ever again. But maybe I will use youtube occasionally for cute cat videos. But I promise, other than that, I will never go on it. I will even delete the shortcut on my bookmarks bar.


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