Week 9: After Effects

Artist Statement

jenniferyang_prototype1 jenniferyang_prototype2 jenniferyang_prototype3

The book I chose for my motion graphic is called “A Long Way Down” and it’s by Nick Hornby. Essentially, it is about four people that go up to the top of a building with the intention of jumping but after a squabble between all four of them, they decide to push it back until Valentines Day. In the mean time, the tv personality of the group is recognized and he is once again in the news. Instead of letting it pass, the group decides to make some cash off of it and book interviews, etc. After some ups and downs, they become good friends and the story ends with them pushing the date even further. So for my motion graphic, I plan on focusing on the premises of the story and the characters. To do this, I hope to create a small animation on After Effects with minimalistic images that begins with a long shot of the buildings, and then zooms in on the characters. It’ll pan over them and then go off the side of the building where the title will drop down.

Motion graphics that has inspired me were¬†anything Saul Bass designed and anything people inspired by Saul Bass designed. This is in part because I decided to create a 2D animation instead of something that required photographs. I drew inspiration by focusing on the way Saul Bass used flat images on textured, but solid, backgrounds with a lot of black and white emphasis. As a final touch, I incorporated a font called “Hitchcock”, as it was the font used in one of his films that Bass designed the title card for, to use for the title of my book.

Week 9: After Effects

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