Week 10: Farewell but not Goodbye

Since the beginning of this semester, I’ve learned a lot like how to work After Effects, which to quote myself from my first blog post: “I am not familiar with like After Effects”, so I would consider it a huge success that I learned how to set up keyframes. I can say that I did learn a little bit more about who I am, which was the topic of the first blog post. I’ve discovered what falls under digital media from the lectures and how interested I am in playing around with editing softwares used in the labs. I found out that the style that I enjoy and am good at manipulating is simple, minimalistic designs. Thank you, Saul Bass.

Aside from picking up on skills from the “hands on” aspects of this course, I’ve figured out that digital media is everywhere. I will never look at an advertisement the same way. Now, whenever I see an ad on the subway or an infographic or a cool sequence on television, the first thing that I do is deconstruct it in my head and imagine how one would have gone about creating the work. Instead of looking at it from its intended marketing aspect, I look at it from a design and digital media aspect … and all I see is CRAP.

Definitely,  one of the most important things I’ve learned from this course is how to create images pleasing to the eye, but what is the most important discovery I’ve made?

I procrastinate way too much on these blog posts.

And I was going to post this a day early to show how much I’ve changed from day one – I had it drafted and everything – but I guess somethings will stay the same.

Week 10: Farewell but not Goodbye

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